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Featured Projects

From product to brand to all touch points – Less Rain’s holistic approach creates strong brands. See some of our favourites here.

E-Cargo bike brand

Re-Branding NuVinci Cycling

Branding for German / Japanese City Development Project

Product Customisation Software

Core Team

Who we are and what we do.

team 0004 lars eberle
Lars Eberle

Creative Direction / Founder

team 0001 carsten schneider
Carsten Schneider

Creative Direction

team 0000 soeren mund
Sören Mund

Brand Consultant

team 0002 bernd mueller
Bernd Müller

Writer & Film Director

Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez

Creative Coding

Juri Kobayashi
Juri Kobayashi

Project Coordinator Berlin – Japan

2018 Projects

What we are currently working on and what we’ve been doing in the past twelve month.

Animated presentations

Movie for the new 8-speed dual clutch transmission.

Solar Charger

Packaging Creality

E-Cargo bike brand

Design and Visualisation

Branding for Outdoor and Travel Products Company

Packaging Design

Less Rain turns 20

Turn back time with us and scroll past the last 20 years in 20 projects that we love.

Yes, we’re open!

Offices and clients from London, Tokyo, Berlin.