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Zille meets Hokusai

Having run a design studio in Tokyo for several years, and with both experience and a keen interest in Japanese design and culture, less rain supports “Japan Town Berlin” with a new naming, branding and design.

“Nion” is a proposal to develop an urban area in Berlin into a German Japanese hotspot of contemporary creativity and traditional culture, an innovative technology hub and a striving “local meets international” community.

Initiated by Ryotaro Bordini Chikushi and Andreas Krueger, Andreas Foidl from Belius, the project was publicly unveiled at the Asian-Pacific Weeks Berlin, 2016. less rain developed a bold and vibrant identity for the project, fusing traditional Japanese imagery with contemporary design.

The main colour, Pantone 805, is a bright neon red, obviously referencing both the Japanese and the Berlin flag. It also led us to naming the project NION, a play on both the colour and the word “NIHON” (“Japan”).

NION delegation

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Non Business Cards

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Campaign poster: Hello Fritzi

Nion Website Design

Website Design

nion Investors Book

Investors Book

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Related projects

Here are some further projects related to NION from our portfolio.

Design Concept and interior design for architectural showroom for Nion. A multi functional space which can host exhibitions, community gatherings and team meetings. Moritzplatz Berlin


Development of 2 websites documenting the project in two different ways. One with factual information for investors, and one with a blog giving insights not only in the project, but also in Japanese culture


Design Concept and interior design for a Japanese pop up store which was hosted for one month at Moritzplatz,


Design of a 60 pages book in Japanese and English for potential investors, showcasing the planned development of a Japanese inspired city quarter in Berlin.


NION week


NION week design / posters and flyers for 7 days event featuring Japanese culture, food, music and talks about the sustainable city of the future. The kick off party was hosted at Holzmarkt in Berlin.


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More Showcases

For digital design house Meyer, Miller, Smith who is hands on, hard at work building websites and applications, we’ve created an equally “hands on” brand identity, versatile and unique, but also modest and genuine.



rebranding / design

Rebranding of game development brand GAMOMAT.