SieMatic – Re-defining luxury

SieMatic is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury kitchens worldwide. But, like everything else, the concept of luxury changes over time, and what was luxurious and aspirational yesterday, might today seem dusty and old-fashioned.Especially the recent years have made us re-think and re-evaluate our life-styles dramatically, and thus changed our notion of luxury in equal measures.

Today, luxury is not just about monetary value, it is also about experience and authenticity, about well-being and improvement of life.Because of this, the SieMatic brand was in need of a re-fresh, and Less Rain created a new tone of voice, a new visual style, and a new definition of a luxury kitchen.

The inspirational style worlds of SieMatic

Luxury has a different meaning to everybody. To communicate different aspects of contemporary luxury, we defined four distinct style worlds for SieMatic, in which their kitchens are presented:

“The luxury of the SieMatic PURE lies in its reduction to the essential. Discreetly integrated into the architecture and freed from all superfluous elements, it incorporates the free space as an element and allows it to breathe. In this atmosphere of soothing lightness, a refuge of reflection and inspiration is created in which one’s own personality can unfold unhindered.”

Creating the SieMatic Imagery

Each style world encompasses a dreamlike, aspirational setting – a theatrical, fantastical, yet believable space – with a matching kitchen architecture, a range of surfaces, colours and materials, select furniture, artworks, and accessories. Stories and personas were developed that would bring each of the worlds to life.

Backdrops and kitchens were created in CGI. Additional details were shot in SieMatic’s latest showroom in Milan, Italy. And with its immensely varied scenery, stylish cafes, local bars and eclectic shops, a photo shoot with international models was organised in Tokyo, Japan. Together, they illustrate the worlds of Pure, Urban, Classic and Mondial with new and contemporary imagery in an editorial-like fashion.

More Showcases

Having run a design studio in Tokyo for several years, and with both experience and a keen interest in Japanese design and culture, less rain supports “Japan Town Berlin” with a new naming, branding and design.



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