Hello Future, nice to see you!

For Schaeffler’s CES booth in Las Vegas- Torether with OUTHERE, we proposed a series of installations using the latest augmented and virtual reality technologies to make Schaeffler’s visions of the future visible and tangible to consumers.

Visitors should not only have the opportunity to interact at CES, but also before and after the 4 day event.
The examples shown below can be implemented together or individually.




A life-size model of the “MOVER” in sofa style invites CES visitors on a virtual jaunt into the future of mobility.

Two passengers can take a seat in a “MOVER” model. They take part in a tour through the 3D city from our key visual, in which movers are shown in different configurations and situations.
As a highlight, our guests take off virtually when our Mover turns into a drone.

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Living City, AR Exhibition

Six different Mover configurations in model form presented on six wooden columns.
viewed through a smartphone, the models are brought to life and interactively present different areas of use for the Mover.
The model is virtually complemented by a city view that can be explored by moving and walking around with a smartphone.
Animations bring the model to life and show how passengers can get on and off, goods can be loaded, or a road vehicle can turn into a drone.
From October 2018, Augmented Reality mobile became a taive extention to spartphones allowing to run AR without the installation of an app.
Alternatively, our app was also supposed to work with the proposed Executive Toy,
which turns into a virtual mover in the mobile display, with the same city and the same animations.
The app could also be used outside the CES context.
A purely virtual version is also possible, in which no model vehicle is used.
Here a Mover in AR – Augmented Reality – is shown. The mobile camera recognises flat surfaces like a table top or the floor, and can place the virtual Mover on it accordingly.
The user can explore the Mover from all sides and interact with it – for example, by driving it over his desk or turning it into a drone.

The Virtual Workshop

CES visitors become the designers of the future and experience the modular design of the Schaeffler MOVER”.

Equipped with VR glasses, visitors can assemble virtual Mover modules in 3D at the trade fair stand.

Once a model is complete, the building blocks are transformed into a realistic vehicle and a corresponding film sequence of the vehicle is shown in 360° action.


Mission: Mobility

Mission: On a touch panel, Mobility interactively shows the interaction of a fleet of different movers with different operational areas.
The touch panel is embedded in a touch- table, which shows our virtual city from a bird’s eye view.
The city features various missions to perform with the help of the Mover fleet. Goods have to be transported, passengers are waiting for transport. Visitors decide with which vehicle they want to carry out which mission and move small model vehicles across the table.
The table recognises vehicle type and position, and plays corresponding animations around the vehicle, for example when passengers board at a stop, or when the battery is charged at a charging station.
As a thank-you for successfully completed missions, visitors get small present, such as a vehicle model, or participation in a raffle.
At the same time, the game is displayed on an additional screen for extra exposure.

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