Welcome to the puristic
world of SieMatic.

A room can be an island: Discreetly integrated into the architecture, the timeless elegant design of SieMatic PURE celebrates classic minimalism and the beauty of life. An oasis of calm and lightness in which the hectic pace of everyday life can be shed like a cloak.

Generously designed shapes, and the absence of decorative elements create an ambience of soothing balance. An elementary simplicity that is equally understood all over the world.

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Less Rain Pure Wood Behind

The art of reduction

A SieMatic PURE is more than an elegant, sculptural object. Its true luxury lies in its reduction to the essential. Stripped of all superfluous elements, it embraces the open space as an element and allows it to breathe. In this atmosphere of comforting lightness, a refuge of reflection and inspiration is created, where your love of clarity and elegance, of serenity and harmony, your passion for timeless perfection can unfold unhindered.

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Siematic Pure Tea

A refuge of reflection
and inspiration.

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Material meets colour
meets beauty.

Less Rain Pure Counter Wood
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Pure Wood

Metal / Champagne

Pure White

Dark Grey

Lotus White

Pure inspiration.

SieMatic is at home anywhere. In apartments and lofts, row houses and villas, great metropolises and rural regions, and in 60 nations around the world. And because every home is different, so is every SieMatic PURE kitchen. Its clear and elegant design language opens up a cornucopia of creative possibilities that perfectly reflect the individual personality of its owner. Have a look inside some of our custom contemporary kitchens and let yourself be inspired by the purist world of SieMatic.

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Pure choice.

The art of combining: Natural wood meets industrial stainless steel, natural stone meets polished lacquer finishes, pastel colours play with primary colours. New combinations are proof of the courage to contrast and celebrate conscious breakaways. Carefully selected combinations of materials give rise to unique possibilities for purist ambience in kitchen design, from cool and technical to warm and homey.

Bellgave Place, Hollywood Hills

Material meets colour meets beauty.

Floating above the city.

The BELLGAVE is a private luxury residence in Los Angeles, collaboratively designed by internationally renowned architectural firm SAOTA and designer Clive Robertson. Set on the legendary Sunset Strip, the entire building is elevated by pillars, forming a rising tower that provides unobstructed panoramic views from downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica. The designer created a series of intersecting and overlapping planes that extend outward from the cliff’s edge, resembling terraced overhangs. In a sense, this design transforms the residence into a grand observation platform.

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Less Rain 8201bellgaveplace031
Less Rain 8201bellgaveplace033

The simultaneously contemporary and timeless elegance of a SieMatic PURE style 3003 series proved to be the perfect choice for the striking aesthetics of the surrounding architecture.

Less Rain 8201bellgaveplace073
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Choose from pure, timeless colours

Less Rain Gunmetal


Less Rain Lacquer Bronze

Lacquer Bronze

Less Rain Brown


Less Rain Beige


A unique choice of materials.

Less Rain Metal Teaser Campagne




Less Rain Metal Teaser Rose




SieMatic PURE

An oasis of
calm and lightness

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