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Books, Brochures and Catalogs
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One of the most traditional (yet highly relevant) pieces of printed collateral that we provide our clients with is a brochure. It also provides brands with a tangible representation of their products, services, and personality. In this digital age, there will always be a place for print – sometimes there’s just no substitute to leafing through a really great brochure that tells your story to your customers.

Corporate magazine brochure for Copenhagen based gemstone trader WENNICK + LEFÈVRE featuring photo journeys to various international gemstone mining locations, highlighting the client’s close relationship to “the people behind the stones”. Featuring bespoke photography from Sri Lanka, Burma and Madagascar.


Design of a 60 pages book in Japanese and English for potential investors, showcasing the planned development of a Japanese inspired city quarter in Berlin.There is a Japanese expression that fascinates Germans: shin-rin-yoku. We translate it to something like „bathing in forest air“.


Celebrating our win at the Automotive Brand Contest 2019 with The New Aero in both Corporate Identity and Parts & Accessories, we've put together a brochure with some of our best projects from the wider field of mobility