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Because every home is different

Take a look with us inside contemporary kitchens filled with personality and flair: our SieMatic Home Stories tell the tales of refreshing home concepts and feature the people who live there.

Tokyo, Japan

In Komazawa, just a short distance outside bustling Tokyo, we visit a remarkable luxury home: the MARE Wood Residence, conceived and built by DAIWA, a Japanese property developer, and designed by ZIZAI, the company’s in-house design studio.

Less Rain Siematic Tokyo 3
Less Rain Siematic Tokyo 4
Less Rain Siematic Tokyo 5

“It doesn’t matter who the creator of a work is. A good work has an inherent timelessness that appeals to people on its own.”

We interview ZIZAI’s designer Keizo Sakurai inside his SieMatic kitchen – about his inspiration and his work, but also about his philosophy and the Japanese understanding of luxury and pureness.

Simultaneously, a model introduces the kitchen, the layout, the functionality.

Less Rain Siematic Tokyo 1
Less Rain Siematic Tokyo 2
Less Rain Siematic Tokyo 6

Hamburg, Germany

In Hamburg we visit the home of Arndt Brockmann, CEO of an international fashion label. The ambitious chef and perfectionist assembled the various components of his kitchen with the same culinary expertise with which he selects the high-quality ingredients for a first-class dinner.

In our SieMatic Homestory, we portray him in his dream-kitchen, that provides a relaxing counterbalance to his hectic professional life.

Less Rain Siematic Hamburg 1
Less Rain Siematic Hamburg 2
Less Rain Siematic Hamburg 3
Less Rain Siematic Hamburg 5
Less Rain Siematic Hamburg 6

Vienna, Austria

In Vienna, we talk to Emily Cox. The talented actress is considered a shooting star, her international breakthrough came with “The Last Kingdom”, one of the most successful Netflix productions.

Born in Vienna, Emily lives today in one of the quiet, neighbouring alleyways close to the famous Naschmarkt, were SieMatic skilfully designed a kitchen for her classic Viennese flat.

Less Rain Siematic Vienna 1
Less Rain Siematic Vienna 2
Less Rain Siematic Vienna 3
Less Rain Siematic Vienna 4
Less Rain Siematic Vienna 5
Less Rain Siematic Vienna 6

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