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4 Case Studies

case study tna

The New Aero wheels are developed by a small international team, including our good friend and photographer Uli Heckmann. Less Rain joined forces and created logo an award winning identity. The logo has been developed out of a circle, so that it can be placed onto the center hub caps of the wheels. The Logo consists of the overlaying letters t, n and a.

Alternatively, the letters can also be drawn apart, creating a legible logo type. Additionally, the underlying grid is used in an exploded view, creating patterns and a sense of dynamic movement. Together, the three elements, logo type and the exploded grid – create a versatile construction kit for creating branded materials.

See project here

case study ant 3

Naming and branding for the Heavy Duty Cargo Bike -where we also got heavily involved in its product design. The A-N.T. features a custom cargo motor allowing to push heavier loads than any other bikes. This while remaining extremely manoeuvrable.

The branding is based on visuals from shipping containers and other cargo distinguishing this brand from more light weight lifestyle cargo bikes.

See project here

case study mms

For digital design house Meyer, Miller, Smith who is hands on, hard at work building websites and applications, we’ve created an equally “hands on” brand identity, versatile and unique, but also modest and genuine.Starting with brand values and tonality, we’ve developed a name and an identity, and over the past few years we had the chance to execute that across a

wide variety of touch-points, ranging from digital products to print design, beer brewing, scents and events.It has become our showcase, our playground and our workshop, a space were we can be creative without too many corporate limitations.

See in portfolio.

case study nion

Having run a design studio in Tokyo for several years, and with both experience and a keen interest in Japanese design and culture, less rain supports “Japan Town Berlin” with a new naming, branding and design.“Nion” is a proposal to develop an urban area in Berlin into a German Japanese hotspot of contemporary creativity and traditional culture, an innovative technology hub and a striving “local meets international” community.


Less rain developed a bold and vibrant identity for the project, fusing traditional Japanese imagery with contemporary design. The main colour, Pantone 805, is a bright neon red, obviously referencing both the Japanese and the Berlin flag. It also led us to naming the project NION, a play on both the colour and the word “NIHON” (“Japan”).

See project here.

Latest "News" and Projects

Full Node Website and Styleguide

Carsten Schneider - November 7, 2019

We’ve just launched a new website for Full Node, Berlin’s community and co-working space for blockchain and web 3.0 initiatives.


The rims for the new X are here

Carsten Schneider - September 9, 2019

The New Aero launched a new 22″ wheel for the Model X, available in both Matte Stealth metallic, or Glossy Titanium metallic.


Vehicula Orci 03

Lars Eberle - May 28, 2019

We got into craft beer label design by just brewing our own craft beer for a company event in 2016.


Interior design Inspiration Japan 2019

Lars Eberle - May 10, 2019

This years's interior highlight was visiting the CASICA, a relatively new shop run by architects in Shinkiba.


Less Rain Blog

less rain - January 1, 1998

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The sun always shines in Berlin

Core Team

Lars Eberle

Idealist / Founder

Lars is founder and director of less rain. He holds a master degree in interactive media from Middlesex University, London and a diploma in communication design from the FH Düsseldorf.


Carsten Schneider

Creative Direction

Carsten is an enthusiastic student of Japanese culture and language although he has already discovered that he doesn’t like fish because it just tastes too fishy.


Bernd Müller

Creative Direction / Text

The wild years as owner of a windsurfing and skateboard shop could not prevent a career in the wide world of advertising.


Luis Martinez

Creative Coding

Luis Alberto Martinez is the team’s outpost in the Mediterranean, technical researcher, technical director since 1999.


Juri Kobayashi

Project Coordinator Berlin – Japan

Growing up next to the beach in a tranquil sunny town near the tip of Boso peninsula in Japan, she had a peaceful and rather sleepy childhood until 8 years old when her family moved to Tokyo.



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