In 2020, while everyone was baking banana bread and learning TikTok dances, we stumbled upon the Unreal Engine 5 demo.

It was love at first sight, and not just because our social calendar was wide open due to the pandemic.

Less Rain Beam Realestate Cgi

Real Estate Exteriors

We create atmospheric visions of an unbuilt future, from existing 3D models or from scratch, based on sketches and floor plans.

Exterior CGIs

Real Estate Interiors

Our interior visualisations imagine future live and work spaces with a natural, human touch.

Interior CGIs
Less Rain interior Rendering Europarc Campus
Less Rain History Visualisation Cgi

A Passion for History: Vanished Historical Buildings in a Modern Context

By juxtaposing two intangibles — the long-lost past and the not-yet-realized future of Berlin — we created an impossible amalgamation visualising the ever-evolving concept of a city.

Historical Buildings

Infographics and Illustrations

Past, present, future. Real, unreal, sureal. We use CGI not just for realistic looking imagery, but also for data visualisation, infographics and artistic illustrations. 

infographics CGIs
Less Rain Covivio Rendering 03

covivio corporate presentation

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