Vanished Historical Buildings in a Modern Context

A new perspective on an old city – we mixed up different time periods and combined Berlin’s lost architectural past with its imminent future with modern sky rise buildings surrounding Alexanderplatz, creating a surreal version of Berlin that has never been and will never exist.

The juxtaposition shows how much Berlin’s cityscape has always been in flux, not just today but in the past as well.

Below renderings of the former central market halls at Alexanderplatz, impressions of the Stadtschloss and Café Helms, and the now demolished buildings at Schlossfreiheit.

Zentral Markthalle 1+2

Zentral Markthalle 1+2

Zentral Markthalle 1 / Train connection

Zentral Markthalle 1 / inside

Less Rain Alexanderplatz Station 2000

Berlin Alexanderplatz Station 2000

Less Rain Alexanderplatz Station 1900

Berlin Alexanderplatz Station 1900

Berlin, Königsstrasse / today

Berlin, Königstrasse / today

Less Rain 0002 1930

Berlin, Königstraße / around 1930

Less Rain 0000 1920

Berlin, Königstraße / around 1908 before the Königkollonaden where moved to Kleistpark


Schlossfreiheit / Cafe Helms

View towards Schlossfreiheit from Schloßbrücke

Berliner Bauakademie, Schinkelsche Bauakademie

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