Reinventing a historical industrial site

for Aventos Group

The property includes a 220 metre long listed building from the early 20th century with offices and workshops – the “Brick”, and four modern goods depots comprising a total of 32.000 square metres of storage space – the “Hub”.

The unique combination and the location close to both two highways as well as the city center make it an ideal spot for a modern logistics hub with loft-style office spaces. Hence the name “Brick Hub”, simple and to the point.

The corporate design works with the same juxtapositions: A modern typeface in parts transformed into a stencil, a palette of muted brick colours contrasted with a bold signal red, clean information design in a grid reminiscent of brick laying – the mix of old and new is visualised throughout our design.

Less Rain BrickHub Illustration

Corporate Styleguide

A corporate styleguide including logo variations for print and digital, typographic concept, isometric illustrations, signage, custom iconography and grid systems helped Aventos to create their own communication materials in line with our designs.

Less Rain Brickhub Mini Styleguide001
Less Rain Brickhub Mini Styleguide002
Less Rain Brickhub Mini Styleguide003
Less Rain Brickhub Mini Styleguide004
Less Rain Brickhub Mini Styleguide005
Less Rain Brickhub Mini Styleguide006
Less Rain Brickhub Mini Styleguide007
Less Rain Brickhub Mini Styleguide008
Less Rain Brickhub Mini Styleguide009
Less Rain Brickhub Mini Styleguide010

Digital Exposé Design

A digital marketing brochure presents the project in detail, from basic facts to micro- and macro-location maps and a short history of the area.

Less Rain 0000 Brickhub Expose 2023 07jpg
Less Rain 0001 Brickhub Expose 2023 0710jpg
Less Rain 0002 Brickhub Expose 2023 072jpg
Less Rain 0003 Brickhub Expose 2023 073jpg
Less Rain 0004 Brickhub Expose 2023 074jpg
Less Rain 0005 Brickhub Expose 2023 075jpg
Less Rain 0006 Brickhub Expose 2023 076jpg
Less Rain 0007 Brickhub Expose 2023 077jpg
Less Rain 0008 Brickhub Expose 2023 078jpg
Less Rain 0009 Brickhub Expose 2023 079jpg

Print Exposé Design

as print visualisation and 12 pager PDF

Less Rain Brickhub Expose Design 01

Brick Hub Title

Less Rain Brickhub Expose Design 022

Brick Hub Intro

Less Rain Brickhub Expose Design 03

Brick Hub Double Page

Less Rain Brickhub Expose Design 05

Brick Hub Macro Lage

Less Rain Brickhub Berlin Realestate Design Karte

CGI visualisation

Less Rain also created a 3D model of the brick building for exterior and interior renderings. They bring to life the vision of the Brick Hub as an industry 4.0 location – with modern workshops, labs and flexible, bright open plan office spaces.

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