Giving the future a shape

Becken Development

An old office building from the 1960’s is being revitalised. By preserving the existing structure and unsealing space, this project is characterized by particular sustainability.

High-quality architecture, interior design and green yards and terracces should contribute to a good working atmosphere.

Less Rain Contour Building

Visual Concept

Due to the high sustainability goals, the project is regarded as a “signature building” by the developer. This resulted visually in a handwritten logo and a curved line that runs through the entire brochure as a “signature” in the form of illustrations, interconnecting all topics.

A simple, digital styleguide including logo variations for online and off, colours and type, illustration style and custom iconography was developed, to help Becken develop their own marketing materials.

Less Rain Contour Mini Styleguide001
Less Rain Contour Mini Styleguide002
Less Rain Contour Mini Styleguide003
Less Rain Contour Mini Styleguide004
Less Rain Contour Mini Styleguide005
Less Rain Contour Mini Styleguide006
Less Rain Contour Mini Styleguide007
Less Rain Contour Mini Styleguide008

Printed Exposé Design

The concept of the marketing brochure and indeed all marketing materials is to entertain and educate with interesting facts related to the nature of the building.

How many trucks would have been driving through the neighbourhood, if the concrete structure would have been torn down instead of being re-used? How many hours of our life do we spent spend indoors, and what is the effect on us? What is the most popular mode of transport in Germany? (It’s walking on foot, actually!)

Those facts are illustrated by single-line drawings that are all interconnected. They run through the brochure as a continuous thread, because as we all now – everthing is connected with everything else.

The brochure is printed CO2 neutral on recycled paper.

Less Rain Contour 01
Less Rain Contour 02
Less Rain Contour 03
Less Rain Contour 04
Less Rain Contour 05
Less Rain Contour 06
Less Rain Contour 07
Less Rain Contour 08

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