Less Rain Lessrain Beam Design 02


Restauration and Extension of a Historical Building


Signa Real Estate


_ Naming

_ Corporate design and guidelines


_ Responsive Website

_ Exclusive Brochure

_ Construction Fence

New Lustre on old Stone

In Berlin Mitte, the former “Schicklerhaus” is converted into modern office spaces with fluid concepts and many possibilities for work-life balance.

Through the addition of three new floors with a futuristic glass façade, BEAM offers a total of approximately 24,000 square metres of new workspace.

Less Rain Beam Logo 1


Less Rain Beam Logo 2


Less Rain was tasked with naming and creating a visual identity for the building. The construction fence, a responsive website, and an exclusive marketing brochure for potential investors showcased not only the building’s future but also its illustrious past in Berlin’s historic city center.

Less Rain Signa Beam Cover
Berlin Mitte Map

3D Visualisations of the surroundings and the
neighbouring projects in development

Less Rain Beam Website Dark

Responsive WordPress Template,
a custom development
optimised for mobile first.

Less Rain Bauzaun Design Beam 4 Night

Construction Fence Design

3D Visualisation and final Artwork

Less Rain Beam Poster

Key Facts Poster

Location, available spaces, CGI visuals, and a data analysis of competing projects in vicinity – a key facts poster for communication at events and fairs.

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